We're Going to Change the World Tour Testimonials about the We're Going to Change the World Tour
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fter traveling for over 15 years throughout the United States, the tour has garnered praise and accolades from everyone who has had the opportunity to experience this truly amazing assembly. Below is just a sampling of what some had to say:

"We applaud your contribution to the dream of a drug-free America"
— Charles R. Coombs, Principal, Columbia H.S., Columbia, PA

"It is an honor for me to offer a recommendation for Jeff O'Lear and Magic Touch Entertainment. I can't think of anyone more suitable for delivering the life-changing message of We're Going to Change the World."
— Gerard A. Lupien, Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America, Vermont

"We brought their "Magic with A Message" production to our area for three performances and were awestruck by the quality of the performance and the professionalism..."
— Sharon Hendricks, Girl Scout Council, Ozark, Missouri

"The performance was great, but the message was even better!"
— Cynthia Garry, Youth Education Coordinator, Granby, CT

"What an incredible turnout... It was wonderful!"
— Louise Moore, Juvenile Probation Officer, Reeves County Juvenile Court, Pecos, TX

"...many walked away with food for thought and keys for affecting change in their own attitudes and actions."
— AHEC Director, Pennsylvania


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